Medicinal Water Spring 운영자| 2/1/2013 |Views 6,917

    We built The Medicinal Water Spring on the grass lawn in 1997 in the shape it appears today. The Lord God designed it so that we would bring a gem of a rock which weighed over 30 tons; so we sculpted it and placed it in its current location so that people may use it. 

    Originally, it was a small spring which was located at the corner of a vegetable field within the fence of my, the Teacher's house. It was the one that my father dug up, and when he dug it up, the water was cold like ice and gushed out powerfully, so spring water filled and overflowed. I used this water as drinking water and I also used it when bathing. 

    - Translation : 최재경

    잔디밭 약수샘은 1997년에 지금의 형태로 만들었다. 주 하나님이 구상하여 30톤 이상의 보석돌을 갖다 조각하여 지금의 위치에 완전히 자리를 잡아 사용케 했다.

    본래는 선생의 생가 울타리 안에 채소밭 구석에 있던 옹달샘으로, 선생 아버지가 팠는데 물이 얼음물같이 차고 힘 있게 솟아나 샘물이 차고 넘쳐 흘렀다. 이 물을 식수로도 사용하였고 목욕할 때도 사용했다.

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