Cheondeok Cave 운영자| 2/1/2013 |Views 5,600

    In the past people dug 83 lbs/38 kg of gold out from this cave. They thought they had received heaven's fortune, so they decided to name it 'Cheondeok Cave'.

    When I was hot after collecting tree branches in summer, I would go into the cave to cool down.

    - Translation : 최재경

    이곳에 금광이 있었을 때 금을 천냥이나 캐서 하늘의 덕을 보았다는

    뜻에서 천덕굴이라고 합니다.

    여름에 나무하고 더우면 들어가서 땀을 식히며 사용했습니다.

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