The Bride’s Spring, The Woman’s Spring 운영자| 2/1/2013 |Views 6,274

     (Formerly Spring by the Traditional Korean-style House)

    The origin of the water, in the middle of in the grass lawn, spreads out like the ribs of a Korean hand-fan.

    The water of this spring also comes from there.

    This spring and the Buldang-gol spring are counterparts like husband and wife.

    The rice paddy’s landowner said many times that if he were to draw water [from the Non-gol spring] into those rice paddies after plowing it, the Buldang-gol spring water–in the corner of his other rice paddies–would decrease noticeably.

    On the other hand, if he were to draw water from the Buldang-gol spring, the spring in Non-gol would decrease noticeably.

    That was when I realized that “those springs are perfectly united as lovers.”

    The Buldang-gol spring is the male, and this spring is the female [Non-gol spring].

    They are separate only outwardly, but on the inside they are united.

    People are happy because this spring leans slightly towards where people drink water.  

    Everything is mysterious.




    - Translation : 최재경

    잔디밭을 중심으로 부챗살처럼 뻗어 나오는 물줄기가 원줄기이며,

    이 샘도 거기서 뻗어 나온 물줄기이다.
    이 샘은 불당골 샘과 부부 일체 샘이다.

    이 땅의 논 주인이 여기 논을 갈고 논에 물을 대면

    불당골 자기 논 구석에 있는 샘물이 알아보게 줄어든다고 여러 번을 말하면서,

    반대로 불당골 샘에서 물을 품어 논에 넣으면 논골의 이 샘물이 잘 나오지 않는다고 했다.
    고로 ‘확실히 애인 일체 샘이구나.’ 알았다.

    불당골 샘은 남자샘이고 이 샘은 여자샘이다.

    겉만 떨어져 있지 속은 한 통이다.

    먹는 쪽으로 샘물이 기울어 모두들 좋아한다.


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