Best Shape Boulder/'Do not look at me' Boulder (Former Dinosaur Boulder) 윤현혜| 1/8/2013 |Views 6,145
    It is an image of the back a huge woman who has opened both of her legs as if in a yoga pose and is sticking her hips up high. It was an erotic posture, so at first, we gave it the nickname, 'Do not look at me' Boulder saying "Do not look at this boulder." We adorned it neatly so that like the original shape, it became a woman with the 'best shape.' Therefore, we kept 'Do not look at me' as its nickname, and named it the 'best shape boulder.'
    - Translation : 최재경

    거대한 여자가 양다리를 요가자세 같이 벌리고 히프를 쑥 올리고 있는 뒷 모습이다

    야한 폼을 하고 있어서 처음에는 이 바위 보지마라고 하면서 

    별호를 '보지마 바위' 라고 했다

    깨끗이 단장시켜서 본래 형상대로 더욱 몸짱여인이 되었다

    고로 보지마바위는 별호로 하고 몸짱바위라 지었다.

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