Wolmyeongdong in autumn 운영자| 9/30/2015 |Views 5,156

The holiday of Chuseok has ended. 

The leaves in WMD have started to fall little by little, 

the trees have changed into nice clothes and are revealing their images one by one, 

and the persimmons hanging on the persimmon tree are ripening, looking scrumptious.













- Translation : Red Wings

추석연휴가 끝났습니다.
이제 월명동에도 낙옆이 조금씩 둘러다니고,
고운 옷으로 갈아입은 나무들이 하나둘씩 모습을 드러내고,

감나무에 메달려있는 감은 먹음직스럽게 익어가고 있습니다.













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