The Pine Trees on the Side of the Front Mountain, at the Entrance of the Sports Field 운영자| 12/3/2013 |Views 9,575

    While transporting them, many branches were broken because they got stuck here and there.

    After we had planted the trees, God gave me the inspiration that because I, the Teacher, was not going to prune the trees thinking that they were too precious to prune, as we had transported the trees, God had pruned them [for me].

    He did so by making the trees pass through a tunnel as they were being transported, and thereby, breaking all the big branches. Eventually, the trees' shapes were fixed, and they became masterpieces.



    - Translation : 최재경

    가지고 오다 또 가지가 이리 걸리고 저리 걸리고 하면서 가지가 많이 부러졌다.
    나무를 심고 나서 하나님께서 감동을 주시기를,

    선생은 아까워서 전지를 하지 못하니 나무를 가져오면서

    하나님께서 굴다리 터널을 통과시켜 큰 가지 다 부러지게 하여 전지를 다 하신 것이었다.

    결국 나무는 다시 수형이 잡혀 작품이 되었다.

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