The Bridegroom Spring 운영자| 2/1/2013 |Views 6,061

    This spring is located in Buldang-gol. It was formerly known as the Juam Waterfall Spring.

    The spring in Buldang-gol is the Bridegroom Spring, the Man Spring. The spring in front of the Korean traditional house is the Bride Spring, the Woman Spring.

    Like symbols of youth, water gushes out from them even in times of drought. 

    - Translation : 최재경

    불당골에 있는 샘으로써, 구 주암폭폭 샘입니다.

    불당골은 신랑샘, 남자샘, 한옥 앞에 있는 샘은 신부샘, 여자샘입니다.

    젊음을 상징하듯 가물 때에도 최고로 펑펑 솟습니다.

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