Seonghwangdang (A place of memory) 윤현혜| 1/8/2013 |Views 8,656

    This is the place in which I saw a tiger sitting when I had gone to evangelize lives and was climbing up the path on Jinan Mountain at night; this was after I, the teacher, was discharged from the military. 

    When I was in an elementary school, I used to take a moment's nap under this tree on my way home after studying. It is also the place that my mother saw me off while shedding tears as I left my hometown for Seoul in 1978. 

    - Translation : 최재경

    선생이 군 제대 후, 생명을 전도하러 나갔다가 진산에서 밤길을 올라올 때 

    호랑이가 앉아 있는 것을 보았던 곳이다.

    초등학생 때, 공부를 마치고 집에 오다가 이 나무 아래에서 잠시 낮잠을 자기도 했고

    1978년에 선생이 고향을 떠나 서울로 갈 때 어머님께서 눈물을 흘리며 배웅하던 곳이다.

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