A panorama of Wolmyeongdong rainbow1974| 7/27/2011 |Views 9,885



I took these pictures last Tuesday.
Since there was a typhoon coming,

the weather changed dramatically throughout the day.
I took pictures in a few places in Wolmyeongdong.
This one was taken at the entrance of the pond.

- Translation : 최재경


지난주 화요일에 촬영한 사진입니다.
태풍이 올라오는 날이 여서인지
구름 날씨 모든것이 드라마틱한 날이 였습니다.
이날 몇군데서 촬영을 했는데
이곳은 연못입구에서 촬영한 사진입니다.


I took pictures last Tuesday.
As a typhoon was coming, the weather
changed many times throughout a day.
Among today’s photos in Wolmyungdong,
this is taken by a pond.

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