The pine tree that the moon hangs upon rainbow1974| 7/22/2011 |Views 10,295


The pine tree that the moon hangs upon.

It is located in the top left of the search light on the Front Mountain.

When the moon sets, it always hangs on the tree like in the picture.

This is a photo that the Teacher liked.

- Translation : 최재경


달걸리는 소나무입니다

위치는 앞산돌조경 서치라이트왼편 위에 있는 소나무입니다

항상 달이 지나가다가 사진에서 보는것 처럼 달이 걸린답니다.

선생님께서 좋아하신 사진중 하나입니다

The Moon caught in a Fine Tree.

In the left top of the search light, we can find the tree on the fornt mountain. 

As the moon sets, it always hung in the tree.

This photo is one of the pictures sunsangnim likes.

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