The Pond Gazebo and the 33-ton Rock - Feburary 17, 2011 Snow in Wolmyeongdong rainbow1974| 2/18/2011 |Views 8,042



The pond when viewed from the sports field

The 33-ton Rock near the pond and the entrance of the sports field.
After Jesus' statue was placed in the 33-ton Rock's old place, it was moved here.
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- Translation : 최재경



운동장에서 바라본 연못

팔각정과 운동장 입구에 있는 33톤 자연석입니다.
 예수님상이 들어오면서 여기로 옮겨온 자연석 입니다.
클릭하시면 크게 보실수 있습니다

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