Before & After the Construction of Wolmyeongdong (October 2010) rainbow1974| 10/8/2009 |Views 8,659






Wolmyeongdong where there was no place to rest our bodies

Scorching sun
Air as hot as a sauna
Rain so heavy you could not even see what was in front of you
and chilling wind that penetrated into our bones

If I didn't have this time to struggle

and "take action with my disciples",

This beautiful day, in October 2009, wouldn't exist.

- Translation : 최재경






육신하나 편히쉴곳 없던이곳 월명동
따가운 땡볕과
한증막의 뜨거운 공기
앞이보이지 않는 장대비
그리고 뼈속까지 스며드는 차가운 바람속에

"이모든 실천은 나와 제자들" 이라는
몸부림의 시간이 없었다면

2009년 10월 아름다운 월명동의 오늘은 없었을 것이다.

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