Autumn leaves path of Cho Mountain 윤현혜| 1/8/2013 |Views 13,287

    The entrance way of Naejang-sa (a buddhist temple) at Jeong-eup city in Jeonrabuk-do is a nationally famous autumn leaves path.  

    When we had Nakseongdae church, we looked around Nakhwa-am of Baekjae dynasty and went to Naejang-sa. 

    I saw beautiful autumn leaves there and thought that it would be good if there was a beautiful path of autumn leaves like this in Wolmyeongdong. 

    And this is the place that we built deliberately by designing it with the Lord while thinking about building something beautiful. 

    - Translation : 최재경

    전북 정읍에 있는 내장사 진입로는 전국적으로 유명한 단풍 길이다

    낙성대교회 때 백제 낙화암을 구경하고 내장사에 갔을 때

    아름다운 단풍을 보고 월명동에도

    이와 같이 아름다운 단풍 길이 있으면 좋겠다고 생각하면서 

    주님과 함께 구상하여 계획적으로 만든 곳이다.

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