Measurement Rock 윤현혜| 1/8/2013 |Views 9,788

    We placed this rock here because, as we were working on cutting the front mountain, the place at which we measured the front mountain while asking Jesus is the location where Measurement rock is currently placed

    At this place, using the autumn persimmon tree as a starting point, and looking at the front mountain, we did construction and measured how much of the mountain we should cut. 

    - Translation : 최재경

    앞산을 잘라내는 작업을 하면서 측량바위가 놓여 있는 위치에 와서 

    예수님께 여쭈어 보면서 앞산을 측량했기에 기념으로 이 돌을 가져다 놓았습니다

    이곳에서 앞산을 바라보면서 폭포 감나무를 기점으로

    산을 얼마나 깎아내야 할지 측량하면서 작업했습니다.

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