Bonsai Pine Tree (Former Observatory platform pine tree) 윤현혜| 1/8/2013 |Views 8,677

    For the observatory platform, the Lord told me to set it as the Daedun Mountain Observatory Platform

    so that the people who could not climb up [the mountain] could look from here,

    since the prayer spot of Daedun Mountain can be seen well from this here.

    This is the place on this mountain where I, the Teacher, thought Jesus would come when he returned,

    so I paved it flat by covering it with dirt that was like rice-powder, and so I checked if Jesus came back again and left his foot print. 

    Wolmyeongdong Bonsai pinetree is a masterpiece. 

    - Translation : 최재경

    전망대는 주님이 대둔산 기도 장소가 잘 보이니 

    못 가는 자는 여기서 구경하게 대둔산 전망대로 정하라고 했다

    선생이 예수님 재림하시면 이 산에도 오시겠지 하고 흙을 가져다 

    떡가루처럼 펴 놓고 매일 밤에 예수님 재림해서 발자국 남겼나 확인한 자리이다

    월명동 분재표송 대걸작품이다.

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