Love pine tree (Former Jeong-i-pum pine tree) 윤현혜| 1/8/2013 |Views 8,727

    Over the mountain, around a grave site behind Mother's Blue Tile Roof House, there was a pretty red pine tree that had a nice, beautiful shape. 


    It belonged to someone else but I was inspired to take care of it well even though I could not dig out and take it with me.

    Later on, I prayed to Jesus for three years while loving the pine tree, with the hope that I would move it to The Natural Temple. Ultimately, I came to move it to where it is currently planted. 

    - Translation : 최재경

    청기와집 뒤, 산너머 무덤가에 수형이 멋지고 참한 홍송 예쁜 소나무가 있었다

    남의 것이니 캐 가지는 못 해도 잘 손질해 주자는

    감동이 들어서, 제자와 함께 잘 관리해 주었다

    나중에 성전 안으로 옮길 희망을 품고 예수님께 3년간 사랑하며 기도했더니 

    지금의 장소로 옮겨심게 되었다.


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