Dalgeori Pine Tree 윤현혜| 1/8/2013 |Views 7,114

    (The pine tree that the moon hangs upon at the former Front mountain pine)

    I was not planning to plant this pine tree because it was a pinus rigida (an enhanced variety), but we planted it according to the Lord's design. In the end, all the big pine trees that we had brought at that time died, and only this one pine tree survived. 

    Therefore, it became a beautiful part of the natural temple background. 

    It is a gaburi* tree, a very great masterpiece. 

    It is in a great spot, so when the fall moon is setting, it passes this pine tree like a traveler passing a gazebo. 

    (Translator's note: Gaburi is a kind of pine tree whose tree trunk is bent toward the side, not straight.)

    - Translation : 최재경

    이 소나무는 리기다(개량종소나무)라 심지 않으려고 했지만 

    주님의 구상대로 심으니 그때 가져온 큰 소나무들은 다 죽고 이 나무 한 주만 살아남아서 

    성전의 아름다운 배경이 되었다

    가부리 나무로는 아주 걸작품이다

    위치도 명당이라 가을에 달이 넘어갈 때 이 소나무를 나그네 정자처럼 거치고 지나간다.

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