The Rock through which the Teacher Realized the Method of Erecting Rocks. 윤현혜| 1/8/2013 |Views 7,483

    When we were constructing the Front Mountain Rock Landscape, no matter how much I watched the external landscape experts building [the rock landscape,] it was neither beautiful, mysterious nor magnificent.

    God made me realize the principle of how to erect boulders as I erected the small rock next to the Front mountain pine.

    In the end, the Lord made all the experts go back home. Eventually, the disciples and I built the rock landscape ourselves.

    - Translation : 최재경

    앞산 돌조경 쌓을 때 외부 조경 전문가들이 쌓는 것을 보니

    아름답고 신비하고 웅장함이 없었다

    이에 하나님께서는 선생이 소나무 옆에 작은 돌을 세우면서

    돌 세우는 원리를 깨닫게 하셨다. 

    이후에 전문가들을 모두 돌아가게 하고 선생과 제자들이 직접 돌을 쌓게 되었다.

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