The Masterpiece Pine Tree of Struggle (Formerly Yongteurim Pine Tree) 윤현혜| 1/8/2013 |Views 8,695

    The Masterpiece Pine Tree of Struggle was donated by the parents (Elder Lim Se-young and his wife) of late Pastor Lim Young-cheol, who is now deceased.

    The trunk of this pine tree is like a dragon’s twisting body, and it grew in Elder Lim’s front yard for over 10 years.

    Because this tree is so beautiful, there were many times when even landscape experts passing by the house were fascinated by it and offered a high price for it.

    Instead of [continuing to call it] “Yongteurim” pine tree, it has been renamed the “Masterpiece Pine Tree of Struggle,” which is more meaningful.




    - Translation : 최재경

    몸부림 걸작품 소나무는 故 임영철 목사의 부모님(임세영 장로 부부)이 월명동에 기증한 것이다.

    용틀임을 하듯 기둥이 꺾여 있는 이 소나무는 임 장로님 집 앞마당에서 10여 년 이상을 자랐다.
    나무가 너무 멋있어서 지나가던 조경 전문가들도

    이 나무에 반해서 거금을 줄 테니 팔지 않겠냐고 물어본 적이 많았다고 한다.
    ‘용틀임 소나무’보다 의미 있게 ‘몸부림 걸작품 소나무’라고 새롭게 이름 지었다.

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